Scarlett Johansson

At the tender age of nine Scarlett Johansson started going to auditions. Only one year later she starred in her first film North, which led to an amazing career. She was born in New York on 22 November 1984 and her love for movies can be traced back to her mother who was somewhat of a movie fanatic. In 2002, she graduated from Professional Children's School in Manhattan, also the place where her theatrical training started. The last thing this young starlet expected was to become one of the most beautiful celebrities in the world, much less a greatly sought after actress.

Scarlett Johansson in scoop

Her first leading role came in 1996 as Amanda in Manny & Lo. The story follows two orphan girls who end up with nowhere to go and due to Lo getting pregnant they decide to kidnap a clerk called Elaine. It's a very heartfelt story and it was this film that really started to bring attention her way. Her certain charm had all the critics in the palm of her hand. Scarlett's next stepping stone was in Robert Redford's Horse Whisperer two years after Manny & Lo introduced her to the world.

She went on to astonish the movie industry in 2003 opposite Bill Murray in Lost in Translation. Typically an actress or actor will be older than they role they play, but in this case Scarlett portrayed the role of a lonely and listless 25 year old wife. Many critics connected her rather husky voice, especially for a girl of 18, to her great talent and capability. Whatever her magic entails, her grace inside the character of Charlotte deserved all the great acclaim it received. Eighteen proved to be a blossoming age because her interpretation of Griet in The Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003) added to her growing fan base.

The legendary Woody Allen has showed interest for Scarlet three times and she has been praised for handling his characters with great discipline and poise. The first time was in Match Point (2005) which probably is the best of their films together.  It was followed by Scoop the next year and then Allen approached young Scarlett for a third movie called Vicky Christina Barcelona (2008) which was filmed in Spain. Various critics placed it on their list of top movies in 2008 and it went on to become one of Woody's highest grossing films.

Unfortunately not all her projects were well received, for instance The Island and Black Dahlia, but her fans still came out in full support. However her comical performance in He's Just Not That into You alongside Jennifer Connelly and Bradley Cooper was highly praised among critics, but the movie itself got mixed reviews. It shows a lighter side of an actress who normally undertakes more dramatic characters. In 2010, she got the leading role in Under the Skin where she smoldered as the alien looking for men along the highway. More recently her skills in Don Jon as the wife of a pornography addict has restored her into the ranks of leading actresses.

There is no doubt Scarlett Johansson is a darling to look at and she is much more than just a pretty face. From the beginning movie fans have found a certain charisma in her personas that can be compared to the likes of Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock.

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