Bill Murray – selection of roles

Born in a family of nine children on the 21st of September 1950, Bill Murray was the fifth born son of Edward J. Murray II, a lumber salesman, and Lucille Collins. He went to Regis University in Denver, after graduating from Loyola Academy. His university stay was short lived when he decided to call it quits; he dropped out of college to follow his heart, which was comedy. These are some of the best works of Bill Murray. His many awards he won working in the film industry reflects the amazing productions of his acting genius.

Early movies

In 1982 Murray participated in Tootsie in which Dustin Hoffman did the main role. Bill for the first time proves that he can execute a semi-serious supporting role. We see him as a goofball when he acts as pretentious playwright roommate to Dustin Hoffman. But when it comes to Dustin’s drag queen, he is a straight man – this is seen when Hoffman threatens to go off the rails.

Quick Change
Character: Grimm | Genre: Comedy, Crime | Year: 1990 | Director: Howard Franklin & Bill Murray
Quick Change from 1990 is so far this is the only movie Bill has (co-)directed. Murray is a civil servant who manages to successfully pull off a bank heist dressed as a clown.

Groundhog Day
Character: Phil | Genre: Comedy, Romance | Year: 1993 | Director: Harold Ramis
Ask most of Bill’s aficionados and they will confess to you that they love Groundhog Day; may be because of the pan-religious lessons on how to live a better life. Once again, Murray appears to be an arrogant jerk in need of cosmic retribution. His exceptional variations using the same lines and actions are most certainly a master class when it comes to acting.

The Wes Anderson films

Bill Murray in Rushmore

Murray as Herman Blume in Rushmore.

Character: Herman Blume | Genre: Comedy, Drama | Year: 1998 | Director: Wes Anderson
The collaboration between Wes Anderson and Bill Murray is famous and one of their biggest achivements is Rushmore from 1998. A mix containing weirdness and romance among other things gives the film a lot of charm and originality. Murray got several awards for Best Supporting Actor, which gave his career a needed boost at the time.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Character: Steve Zissou | Genre: Adventure, Comedy | Year: 2004 | Director: Wes Anderson
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou was Wes Anderson’s midlife crisis movie. Murray’s character is a floundering oceanographer mourning his loved ones who had deplorable deaths. People close to him betray him, as he fights pirates, and battles the mighty sea for his survival. It is an absurd and also a tragic role that Murray proved all the odds wrong when he did it flawlessly.

Bill Murray in elevator

"I'm a little bit lonely these days".

Broken Flowers
Character: Don Johnston | Genre: Comedy, Drama | Year: 2005 | Director: Wes Anderson
The year after The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Bill Murray did the role of a man who seen better days in Broken Flowers. Murray manages to extract humor from small gestures in this somewhat subtle movie.

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