Natalie Portman

Born in Israel on 9 June 1981 as Natalie Hershlag, the actress better known as Natalie Portman focused on an acting career quite early on in life. She can speak Hebrew in addition to English and is greatly admired for her activism for animal rights. Above all Mrs. Portman has a high regard for education and took a 4 year break from acting to finish her studies at Harvard University. In 2003, she graduated with an A.B. degree in psychology.  

Natalie Portman in Leon

The early start

Natalie Portman's first feature film was a memorable one. Alongside French actor Jean Reno who played the lead role as Leon, a professional hitman in a movie with the same name; she was 12 when she auditioned for the orphan girl who befriends the killer. Her performance was exceptional and opened numerous doors into the world of movies. Working in both theater and film one of her biggest roles came about in 1997 as Padmè Amidala in The Phantom Menace, first of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Natalie would play the same character in the two next episodes.

Before filming started on the following Star Wars chapters, she portrayed a supporting role in Anywhere but here and soon after the lead in Where the Heart is for which critics hailed her as somewhat of a prodigy. The latter follows a teenage mother, Novalee Nation, who gets abandoned by the father of the child in front of Wal-Mart. From there she experiences a series of emotional events and Natalie portrayed the character beautifully.

New challenges

Although she had a strict rule regarding sex scenes, her career took a challenging turn with the making of Black Swan in 2010; a psychological thriller involving some intense shots with supporting actress Mila Kunis. With caution thrown to the wind Natalie Portman reached brilliant new levels in addition to being hailed by her peers and critics alike. It might not be a movie that suite everyone's taste, but her transformation from teen to a woman was evident and spectacular.

Mrs. Portman is most notably one of the most intelligent actresses who have graced the stage with her beauty and talent.

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