Nicole Kidman

Although Nicole Kidman is a native Australian, she was born in Hawaii on 20 June 1967. Her talent for acting surfaced early, but she continued to study the art as much as possible by attending Victorian College of the Arts, the Phillip Street Theatre and the Australian Theatre for Young People.

Nicole Kidman Paperboy

After starring in various Australian films and miniseries, her step into critical acclaim was accomplished in Dead Calm in 1989. Her portrayal of Rae in this thriller managed to break all borders and opened international doors. In 1990, Nicole made her American debut next to Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder. Their chemistry was a winning recipe and the movie was one of the highest grossing films that year.

Her sophisticated yet innocent smile along with her pure white skin made Batman Forever worth watching, seeing as Val Kilmer simply failed in selling Bruce Wayne. Numerous box office hits followed and movies like To Die For put her in the category of thriving talents. In 1997, she joined George Clooney in the suspense film The Peacemaker which might not have resulted in the best reviews, but still generated a financial success.

Nicole Kidman as Margot

Nicole Kidman as Margot and Jennifer Jason Leigh as her sister Pauline in
Margot at the Wedding.

One of her most successful characters was Satine in the musical Moulin Rouge (2001) where she broke the hearts of many in the audience who watched till the end. One thing about Nicole is her ability to apply herself in so many different roles. This can be seen in The Others (2001), Dogville (2003), Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006) and Margot at the Wedding (2007).

Nicole's sexuality has never been a secret and for a shy person her confidence in works like Eyes Wide Shut (1999) and The Paperboy (2012) is on another level. She has proven to be the type of actress with adaptation talents very few can claim to have. Just like every other actor and actress, not all her attempts were great ones, but she has quite a few pieces of art to show for her time in Hollywood.

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