Henry Fonda

Henry Fonda was a great actor who represented great skills in all areas of his professional backgrounds which included TV producer, Scene Designer, Theater Director and an Actor who harnessed his prowess acting skills to create a most entertaining film movie yet for the audience to be amused. Often, depicting personalities of strong, heroic characters that promoted justice and peace, Henry Fonda was imaged to be an iconic figure of interest.

First steps on Broadway stage

Born in Nebraska May 16th, 1905, Fonda leavened his acting skills at a small local theater which was directed by his colleague Dorothy Brando at the Omaha Community Playhouse. In 1926, Fonda moved to New York to broaden his acting skills and his first Broadway major roles incorporated, New Faces in America’ and The Farmer Takes a Wife’. Making the bigger steps of becoming a Hollywood actor Fonda screen played the theatrical story of The Farmer Takes Wife’ and managed to increase his popularity aptly. Eventually, he was depicted to be one of the greatest actors having received several awards that have marked the reminiscence of his greatest achievements in the entertainment industry.

Mister Roberts was first showcased in Broadway at the Alvin Theater in 1948 and was based from the novel published in 1946 by Thomas Heggen – Mister Roberts. The story is set at the era of the second world war of a US Navy Cargo ship that is sailing through the Pacific as Roberts the main character in the tale contemplates on how to join the war. Fonda takes on the role of the main character Lt. Doug Roberts, who also seeks to protect the men on board from the insanity of the tyrant captain. The film production of this play was established in 1955 and Henry Fonda won a best actor award from the Tony Awards in 1948.

Henry Fonda standing

Fonda's character the object for annoyance in 12 Angry Men.

Famous silver screen apperences

12 Angry Men is an American drama film that was produced in 1957 by Reginald Rose the original creator and story writer and Henry Fonda. The story depicted a group of twelve selected men to conduct the jury deliberations of case acquittal towards the defendant. The personalities of all these men innovate the intensity of conflicts that arise during the deliberations and the movie exploits the techniques used by jurors during these sessions. From this enticing tale of seeking Justice, Henry Fonda who was juror 8, is seen to retain the observance of the law as the reasoning of the jurors will often change with the intensity of the discussions. He won a Best Actor Award in 1958 at the BAFTA Awards for his prowess role play in this film.

On the Golden Pond is a tale based on an aging couple – Ethel and Norman Thayer (played by Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda) who are visited by their daughter Chelsea (played by his real daughter Jane Fonda) during their annual summer trips to their cottage that is situated on a lake side called Golden Pond. Chelsea has always had a complicated past of bonding with her father Norman Thayer and is surprised by the bond that was established between her father and her stepson within a short amount of time. Acted in 1981, Fonda won the best motion picture actor-drama award in 1982 at the Golden Globes, leaving a crystallized emanation of entertainment. Henry Fonda died in August the same year.

Henry Fonda in The Boston Strangler

Fonda as chief detectivein in The Boston Strangler.

Among the best movies with Henry Fonda these should also be mentioned: The Grapes of Wrath (1940), The Lady Eve (1941), The Ox-Bow Incident (1943), The Wrong Man (1956), How the West Was Won (1962) and The Boston Strangler (1968).

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