Jodie Foster

Alicia Christian Foster, also known as "Jodie," was born in Los Angeles, California on November 19, 1962. The nickname of Jodie was given to her by her siblings. A child actress, she is one of the few actresses whose talent was able to break through the stigma associated with child stardom and continue honing her craft into adulthood. One of her first acting gigs was a spot with Coppertone. While she wasn't the original cartoon drawing of the Coppertone girl that became famous on the beaches of California, she was plucked for a Coppertone commercial, likely due to her remarkable likeness to the cartoon imagery.

Jodie Foster in Bugsy Malone

Jodie Foster has received two Academy Awards for her performances in The Silence of the Lambs (1991) and The Accused (1988). Silence of the Lambs deals with the relationship between an FBI agent, Clarice Starling (Foster) and the serial killer Hannibal (Anthony Hopkins). As a young FBI agent, she must work and fight with her own demons as she attempts to locate another serial killer before he kills her next victim. In The Accused, Sarah Tobias (Foster) must also wrestle with demons while dealing with the aftermath of a brutal rape in a bar.

Aside from her Academy Award winning performances, additional notable movies include Nell (1994) and Contact (1997); and her career launching movies Taxi Driver (1976) and Bugsy Malone (1976). Nell attempts to answer the question of how a person would behave if they were raised away from civilization with no socialization or contact with other humans. Contact touches upon religion themes and our place in the universe as Dr. Ellie Arroway (Foster) finds radio proof of extraterrestrials. In Taxi Driver and Bugsy Malone Jodie Foster successfully play young teens in movies for grown-up audiences.

Panic Room (2002) is another movie that showcases Jodie Foster's incredible acting ability. In this thriller, she must hideaway inside her house while robbers attempt to smoke her out. The movie showcases the degree that a mother will risk her life to safe and protect her daughter. As the movie unfolds, it becomes more than a simple act of survival and events unfold that make her leave the panic room to protect her family.

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