French actors

Here follows a presentation of a collection of French female and male actors.

Renée Adorée
Born in Lille 1898 and appeared in silent movies in Hollywood during the 1920s. One of her main parts was in The Big Parade (1925).

ardantFanny Ardant
She made her debut 1979 with Les Chiens (The Dogs, 1979) and has had a long career. Known for François Truffaut’s film noir pastiche Vivement dimanche! (Confidentially Yours, 1983) and the musical comedy and murder mystery film 8 Woman (2002).

Daniel Auteuil
Auteuil is known for an international audience by many appearances in successful French movies. He participated in the historical drama Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources from 1986 in two parts. Another movie worth mention is Girl on the Bridge (La fille sur le pont, 1998) there he plays a knife thrower.

Birgitte Bardot
The sex goddess that also could act. Known for And God Created Woman (1956) and the Luc Godard film Le Mépris (Contempt, 1963).

Jean-Loius Barrault
A French actor most known for his unforgettable performance as Baptiste in Les Enfants du Paradis (Children of Paradise, 1945).

beartEmmanuelle Béart
Seen in many French movies and also known for lots of nudity scenes. Béart could for instance be seen as the young girl Manon in Manon des Sources and as the painters model in La Belle Noiseuse (1991).  

Leslie Caron
Born in 1931 and probably best known for her parts in An American in Paris (1951) and as the main character in Gigi (1958).

Marion Cotillard
She has been seen in lots of big titles like Taxi (1998), Big Fish (2003), La Vie en Rose (2007), Inception (2010) and Midnight in Paris (2011).

Julie Delpy
Julie Delpy is a talented actor who also is a screenwriter and director. She has participated in movies like Three Colors: White (Trois couleurs: Blanc; Trzy kolory. Biały, 1994) and Before Sunrise (1995).

Catherine Denevue
Catherine Denevue is one of the most known actors in France and has acted in films for many decades. She was born in 1943 and made her film debut by a minor role in Les Collégiennes in 1957. After that she has been involved in plenty of movie among some of the famous may be Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (1964), Belle de jour (1967) and The Last Metro (Le Dermier Métro, 1980).

Gérard Depardieu
Depardieu is one of French actors who have become international stars. He has both been seen in French movies like Loulou (1980) and The Last Metro (Le Dermier Métro, 1980) and in Hollywood movies like Green Card (1990) in which he plays against Andie MacDowell.

Jean-Pierre Léaud

Jean-Pierre Léaud in The Mother and the Whore (La Maman et la Putain).

Jean-Pierre Léaud
Most known for the character Antoine Doinel that participated in five François Truffaut movies. He did also take part in many films by Jean-Luc Godard, but often in very small parts.