Frances McDormand

There is no disputing that Frances McDormand has a natural talent for acting and she certainly has a magical presence. Born 23 June 1957, Frances never knew her biological parents and were raised by her adopted parents Vernon and Noreen McDormand. Due to Vernon's job as a pastor they traveled a lot, but it didn't stop her from earning a M.F.A at Yale University School of Drama.

Mississippi Burning
Character: Mrs. Pell | Genre: Crime, Drama | Year: 1988 | Director: Alan Parker
Frances McDormand has done extensive work on stage and in front of the camera, although most of her work involved supporting roles. Her first Academy nomination came with Mississippi Burning (1988) for best supporting actress in which she played Mrs. Pell, an informant.

Frances McDormand in fargo

Frances as a police chief who experience a bad start on a her working day.

Character: Marge Gunderson | Genre: Crime | Year: 1996 | Director: Joel Coen
She would get another Academy nomination eight years later in 1996 for her part as police chief Marge Gunderson in Fargo by the Coen Brothers. This time the nomination was for best actress. Fargo is considered as one of the best crime films in the 90s and could be seen as development of the film makers, Coen Brothers, from their Blood Simple (1984), that also was a great crime movie.

Almost Famous
Character: Elaine Miller | Genre: Drama | Year: 2000 | Director: Cameron Crowe
A favorite to some of the audience is her portrayal of Elaine Miller as the neurotic mother in Almost Famous by the renowned director and writer Cameron Crowe. Crowe based some parts of the film on his own experiences, but the one scene where Elaine throws a fit about her son's Simon & Garfunkel records really helped to fire up the passion of the movie.

Other movies worth seeing with Frances McDormand appearing are Short Cuts (1993), The Man Who Wasn’t There (2001), Laurel Canyon (2002) and Burn After Reading (2008).

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